Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

When You Love Someone Dearly

When you find someone who is so interesting ..

When you feel your LOVE looks like a fire burning ..

When you're lonely LOVE will accompany with a sincere..

When the LOVE in a state of crying you'll let her cry on your shoulders..

When you see him you would say, "For me he is the most beautiful gift ever God gave me .."

When you're drunk romance you'll do anything for his happiness despite having sacrifice your soul..

When LOVE gives without expecting rewards ..

LOVE is that you'll always be waiting for him with a loyal and sincere .. until he asked you to marry into the marriage ..

5 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

wah..bagus :-)

Irma 'Deean' mengatakan...

keren2 gambarnya :-)

Yenyen mengatakan...

anonim and deean : thank u... ^.^

bopfive5 mengatakan...

romatis rokok mangan gratis he2...lam kenl ya

Yenyen mengatakan...

@ bopfive5 hai salam kenal juga ya :)

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